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Practice Areas

Cobie D. Evans represents clients in a wide variety of cases. We consider our office a "general practice" firm. We maintain active cases in the following practice areas. 



Our firm routinely represents clients in both highly contentious and uncontested divorce cases. In the event parties are unable to agree as to the division of assets, division of debt, custody, child support, and maintenance, we aggressively pursue the client's interest through the case. In some cases, the client has reached and agreement with his/her soon to be ex-spouse. In the event the client has reached a fair agreement, we work with the client to draft and sign the appropriate documents. It is important to seek the assistance of an attorney during an uncontested divorce. Failure to properly file all documents can have negative consequences in the future. 



Our firm regularly represents clients in fighting for custody and visitation of their children. This commonly occurs in divorce cases. Disagreements may occur after a divorce decree or custody order has been entered. At other times, the parents were never married and no longer agree on custody and visitation.  Custody arguments may also be made by grandparents or other family members who have cared for the children and need a court order. No matter your situation, our firm will provide complete and thorough representation.



Experiencing the death of a loved one or close friend is difficult. The stress during a time of loss may be complicated by family members or friends who do not always agree. Unfortunately, adding to the level of stress is the requirement to probate assets of the deceased. Our firm is experienced in representing individuals during this time and guiding them through the probate process.  



In the event a person dies without a Will or probate avoidance planning, their assets are divided in accordance with Kentucky law. In our experience, these laws usually do not provide for a division which our clients would choose for themselves. In order to assure assets are left to the intended beneficiary and not divided pursuant to a statute, everyone should have a Will. 

Real Estate 


Our real estate practice routinely includes drafting deeds. This includes gifts of real property to family members or cash transactions. However, our real estate practice also includes representing clients in court regarding their interest in land. This may involve the right to access land via a disputed road or disputed claims to land.   



We also represent clients in other practice areas and offer free consultations on all cases. Call to discuss your case. 


Serving the Legal Needs of Our Local Community & Beyond

Our legal services extend to the local community and far beyond. We serve the needs of Kentucky residents in Trigg, Caldwell, Livingston, Lyon, Crittenden, and McCracken Counties.